The mAdserve project has evolved into the MobFox Publisher Platform, a hosted ad serving solution that allows you to manage direct sold campaigns, mediate ad networks, and monetize through RTB. The Open Source Version of mAdserve is no longer being developed/supported.


Download Get started with mAdserve in less than 30 minutes.

mAdserve Download & Installation

Installing mAdserve is quick and easy. The below ZIP file includes both the PHP Files required to run mAdserve on your server(s), as well as the mAdserve iOS and Android SDKs required for displaying ads in your mobile applications.

Simply upload the files in the /upload directory to a public location on your web server and follow the installation instructions in the Installation.txt file, which is also included in the ZIP.

System Requirements

  • PHP Version 5.3 or above with MySQL support.
  • PHP SimpleXML Extension
  • PHP cURL Extension OR fsocket suppport
  • PHP mbstring extension

mAdserve SDKs on github

Compiled versions of the mAdserve iOS/Android SDKs are already included in the above ZIP download. If you would like to customize the code, you can find the mAdserve iOS SDK and mAdserve Android SDK on github.

Change Log

To view the mAdserve platform & SDK change log, click here.

Recommended Web Hosting Companies

We recommend you host your mAdserve ad server on a cloud computing instance at SoftLayer, the datacenter where all major mAdserve development and performance tests were performed. Our Premium Support Team is well-trained with SoftLayers suite of products in case you ever need assistance with your mAdserve installation.